About Charissa

“Integrity costs nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything”.
– C. Bloomberg

Radio & TV Celebrity Psychologist, TV presenter Charissa Bloomberg is a renowned Integrity Leadership specialist, accredited Emotional Intelligence facilitator, media activist and CEO of Hidden Dimensions; a corporate training and consulting company.

With a Masters in Psychology (UCT Cum Laude), as well as a Psychodrama and Group Dynamics qualification from Oxford University (UK), where she studied Psychodrama and role play, she is also a qualified Drama and Communications teacher from Trinity College in London.

South African born and bred, she brings 24 years of extensive international experience in motivational speaking, corporate consulting, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation in all areas relating to organisational behaviour, leadership and team analysis.

Her speciality is Integrity (in business, self-integrity, integrity lapses, the integrity code and many more). She is currently creating an international integrity movement.

Charissa is recently regarded as international speaker with her profile listed on 6 international platforms worldwide.

A-Speakers, Speakers of Note, London Speakers Bureau, Washington Speakers bureau, Pickstar and International Speakers group. Her links to these platforms can be provided.

Her website is www.integrityforum.co.za

She has just launched her new website for her international speaking events booking platforms www.charissabloomberg.com

Her multi-faceted expertise also includes having had her own private practice, written various research papers and magazine articles (that were published), and had several TV, radio and talk engagements over the last 20 years. Charissa has spoken at conferences around the world. She also lectures at Universities in South Africa.

Regarded as a’ Relationship Expert’ on radio and TV, her programs are known to tackle burning issues in our society, with the aim of equipping her audience and followers with everyday tools.

Charissa uses humour, honesty and shares her own experiences as examples.

She has been and a regular guest on Expresso breakfast show SABC 3 (for many years) and has her
own regular radio guest slot shows.

Why book Charissa?

  • Charissa is a natural in front of the camera, and with her 20 years of experience, she knows how to engage any audience.

  • She is passionate about her topic and loves to share her own personal experiences with a great sense of humor.

  • She speaks with enthusiasm and leaves the audience with a toolkit of skills and lots to think about.
Charissa Bloomberg EXPRESSO SABC 3