Charissa Bloomberg
I have had the honour of working and filming Charissa Bloomberg “with her call to “Integrity” as well as being an audience member when she is giving one of her Integrity speeches. Charissa is vibrant, passionate and extremely engaging and have no doubt that many a person when finished listening to her have left the room with food for thought. It is for this reason that she is known as the “Celebrity Psychologist” and has featured on so many broadcast platforms over the last 20 years. After all, do people truly understand the real meaning of Integrity? It goes a lot deeper than just doing the right thing, and certainly affects all areas of one’s life. I am so grateful to Charissa Bloomberg for pursuing her journey on this subject, as more than ever the world needs Charissa and her knowledge on Integrity.

Di Rosen

Di Rosen, Multi Award winning television producer/director. Di Rosen Productions
At the University of Johannesburg School of Tourism and Hospitality we have developed a wonderful partnership with Charissa. Her dedication to our students and her passion for the Integrity movement is evident in all aspects of her work and life. Her message is both inspirational and educational and each student who she has worked with has said that she has left a lasting impression on them and changed their lives forever. We appreciate her incredible passion, impeccable professionalism and creative approach to bringing integrity into the lives of the future leaders of our country.

Tracy Daniels

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator University of Johannesburg – School of Tourism
Charissa is a true integrity ambassador and someone I am proud to be associated with in the presentation of our online integrity training course. She lives her product and is totally committed to bringing about a world with more integrity. Charissa will add great value to any event you wish to present.

Jenny Reid

Chief Executive Officer iFacts.(Security and investigations services)

You were a joy to the team. I appreciate your energy and genuineness.

Chantal Henry

The Knot Worldwide