Charissa says

“Integrity costs noting but when you lose it, you lose everything” Charissa Bloomberg

Charissa Bloomberg
  • “The greatest gift you can give someone is your word and they come to believe it as being true” Charissa Bloomberg

  • What is the lack of low integrity and costing you or your organization?

  • Do you know its effect on your bottom line? I won’t do business with any person who promises to call or email me and doesn’t know how to keep their word.

  • Trust It’s the basics of every relationship. We all want to trust the people we do business with.

  • What are broken promises costing your organization

Do you have INTEGRITY as part of your business values, but you haven’t explained to your staff how to practice it in their everyday life, work, home and relationships?  Employers should start thinking about talks and training on HOW to practice integrity. Why are organizations not having integrity talks, an integrity week, integrity pledge, a most valued person who gets nominated, an integrity ambassador?

My talks and training offer valuable decision making skills. How to self-reflect before making a decisions to either do the right thing or decide to lie, steal and cheat. I assist in helping the individual to think long term.

This reflective method is used in conduction with my Emotional Intelligence training (and individual assessments). Self-conversations are crucial. There is no turning back after an integrity lapse. My talks aim at every level. I discuss the benefits of acting with integrity and improving EQ.

Goals: Delegates will have a better view of the following!

  • How to define personal integrity.
  • How to take a closer look at one’s level of integrity.
  • To understand the consequences when integrity is not practiced.
  • Taking a look at what it costs organizations when their staff and colleagues don’t act with integrity.
  • Every individual will have to make ethical decisions at some point; this will be discussed.
  • Each delegate will have a toolkit to deal with difficult challenges and manage themselves.
  • An opportunity to sign up for our integrity pledge.
  • Volunteer to be Integrity Ambassadors (role models).
  • Feedback given to Prof Thuli Madonsela, my patron.
  • A press release on the great initiative your organization has undertaken to offer Integrity training.
  • Offer to sign our integrity pledge (renewable each year).
  • Partake in our Integrity Ambassador Training.